Is There A Hole in Your Website Funnel?

Website sales funnel analysis will assist with improving conversions of website visitors

The classic sales funnel or sales pipeline process also applies to managing the movement of website visitors through the process of completing a transaction – whether it’s submitting a form, making a purchase or accomplishing another activity. While the very nature of the sales funnel process is an elimination of non-qualified participants, website owners must ensure that all steps are maximized, without gaping holes in the process, to ensure that qualified funnel participants don’t abandon the flow mid-stream due to lack of receiving the correct information at the appropriate time in the buying process.

Are You Dissing Your Website Visitors?

Do your website visitors immediately recognize they have arrived at a site with potential or does your website leave them lost, confused and otherwise disoriented? After working hard to get found, many websites fail to retain visitors by not quickly connecting with users, capturing their interest and keeping them progressing toward the desired goal.

DIY Website Success

Website success involves focusing on three key elements: getting found, keeping visitors and converting them to action. Over the next series of posts, Dallas Marketing Services will provide tips on getting found by using a few SEO techniques, keeping visitors on your site once and methods for driving visitor behavior to accomplish your goals.

Getting found utilizes search engine optimization tactics to enable prospects to find your site through organic search (free) and/or using paid marketing, such as PPC campaigns like AdWords.

Keeping visitors requires designing an interesting, well-maintained website with relevant, informative content that is easy to find and easy to use.

Converting prospects involves mapping website flow and content from arrival to conversion in order to facilitate the desired behavior.

Blackjack Marketing

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Take a look around the table and you may notice a variety of skill levels.

The Novice: A newcomer, they apprehensively sit down.  They probably have a cheat sheet with them and perhaps a drink that they nervously sip a bit too often.   Interactions are brief, requiring much concentration and great care not to commit an error.

The Lucky One:  Always in the right place at the right time, t…

iPhone mania – good marketing?

So, another iPhone mania experience.

We are standing in line at the Dallas Knox Apple store – been here since about 9:45AM and it is hot.   We seem to have about 75 more people to wait behind before we get our new iPhones.

Quite a process – last year, we lined up about 4:00PM, doors opened at 6:00PM and we left with our iPhones about 6:20PM.  This year – not so great.  First, the new 2.0…

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