Getting Started with Social Media

Getting Started with Social Media: LinkedIn
Getting Started with Social Media: Facebook
Getting Started with Social Media: Twitter

A great place to start is with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn is easy.

To get started with your personal LinkedIn page, simply complete a little resume type information and find some people you work with to link to.  Encourage your associates and employees to each set up a LinkedIn page as well.

Next, set up a LinkedIn company page for your business.   Company profiles can only be created by current employees with a LinkedIn account and the information is public.


Facebook can be also be used from both a personal and business perspective.

First, create your personal account, set your privacy settings and start friending family, pals, associates and co-workers and have some fun with it.

Second, create a Facebook page for your business.  This creates an account that can collect “fans” and is intended for public viewing.   The link above has step by step instructions with images to help you get your Facebook Business Page set up.


Twitter is simple and can be an extremely interactive social media environment. Then why is “I just don’t get Twitter” the most frequent phrase heard? People sign up, don’t customize their profile, send a couple of tweets and can’t figure out what the fuss is about.  Don’t do that.

Instead… Sign up, customize your profile, add something interesting about yourself, then start following people. And when people follow you – follow back. @people, RT interesting tweets and interact. The more you do, the more you will get out of Twitter.

Should you have a personal account or a business account? Well, the answer is yes – @DallasMarketing is our business account and we have personal accounts as well.

On DallasMarketing, tweet topics are primarily marketing and social media news related and we interact with others and RT interesting tweets.

Quality, Not Quantity

The goal of social media is to create an environment where you can interact with real people, learn from them, listen to them and when the privilege has been earned, provide them with information about your business. Unless you plan on hiring an army to keep up with your social media efforts, be selective on the sites you select.

Start by reading the social media site reviews we have written, visit some of the sites, take a look at the environment and types of interactions and then select a couple and give it a try.

Just remember the golden rules of social media…

  • it is better to listen than jump in and shout, especially when you are a newbie
  • be genuine and honest
  • don’t simply promote your product or service – interact
Learn more on our DIY Social Media page.