Google Places Optimization

Why Google Places Matters to Local Businesses

When it comes to attracting local customers, Google Places Optimization can be even more critical to your success than search engine optimization for your main website. The reason is that Google recently changed its search display layout to emphasize the top 7 local listings for a (city + keyword) search. Because most of your potential customers will see your Google Places listing before your website, you need to make sure your local listing is well positioned compared to your competitors. If you start to fall behind here, you will notice more and more potential customers diverting to other companies as more people turn to the internet to find local businesses every year.

Improve Your Google Places Ranking and Effectiveness

The good news is that Google Places is a free tool and is much simpler than building a website from scratch. However, just like search engine optimization for your website, there are several unique steps required to make the most of your Google Places listing. Fortunately, not every company takes the time to optimize their listing, meaning that with a little effort you can usually outrank your closest competition. We offer a Google Places Optimization package for $500 which includes a comprehensive review of your listing and will lay out several steps to help you rank higher for your particular industry. For local businesses, this provides the best bang for your internet marketing buck by far. We are confident enough in this service that if your Google Places listing’s rank has not improved after 3 months of following the steps given as part of this package, we will give you a 100% refund your $500 payment.

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