Marketing Strategy Consulting Package

Marketing strategy lies at the center of all marketing, sales, product management and communication activities.   It sets the course and outlines a process that allows businesses to concentrate their limited resources on the best opportunities to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Dallas Marketing Services has developed a Marketing Strategy Consulting package designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses that provides a solid, usable marketing strategy filled with a menu of marketing options for accelerating the growth of your business.

Marketing Strategy Consulting Package

Marketing Strategy Consulting Package

The Marketing Services Consulting Package includes:

  • Pre-meeting questionsA list of questions provided prior to the strategy session to facilitate gathering project data and accelerate the thought process
  • Strategy session: A 2 hour call or meeting to discuss previous marketing tactics used, explore your business goals and brainstorm new opportunities
  • Analysis & Strategy Development: Our marketing strategy specialists review the session information, perform additional research, develop your marketing strategy document and provide recommendations for a tactical marketing plan
  • Customized Marketing Strategy Document: During a 1 1/2 to 2 hour call or meeting, we walk you through the completed Marketing Strategy document and explain findings, concepts and opportunities


During the discovery process,
we examine…

  • Business goals
  • Company history
  • Product / service descriptions
  • Customer buying profiles & process
  • Previous market research
  • Existing marketing collateral & tactics
  • Previous press releases
  • Key service benefits and differentiators
  • Positioning & key messaging
  • Key competitors – strengths & weaknesses, similarities & differences
  • Associations, partnerships, endorsements, awards, certifications


During development of your marketing strategy,

  • Define features and benefits
  • Identify & size target markets
  • Analyze the competition
  • Assess distribution channels
  • Examine the buying process
  • Create positioning and messaging
  • Identify awareness marketing opportunities
  • Identify offline marketing opportunities
  • Identify online marketing opportunities
  • Recommend marketing activities for a tactical marketing plan
  • Document findings in an easy-to-use document

Getting Started

The typical marketing strategy development process is 3-4 weeks, with a strong dependency on client availability during the discovery process and client delivery of required background information.

To get started, contact us and we will get your strategy session scheduled and send you the list of pre-meeting discovery questions to get the strategy process started.

You’ll soon have a solid, defined marketing strategy based on your business needs, filled with practical, actionable opportunities to accelerate the growth of your business.